Concert Attire

Angelica Encore does not require singers to purchase a uniform. Singers will be asked to wear concert black which may include long-sleeved black shirt or blouse, black pants or knee-length skirt with black hosiery and closed-toe shoes. For more comfort and breathability on stage, we ask that no suit jackets be worn. Concert attire should not distract the audience from the music, therefore, please avoid large jewelry, belts, patterned hosiery, hair pieces, etc. 

We do, however ask that you find an "Angelica blue" scarf or tie to enhance the concert black. Angelica blue is most similar to cobalt blue (not navy) and both ties and scarves should be a solid color, free from any textures or patterns. (Bow ties are not acceptable) Scarves should be light weight fabric and can be worn either tied in front, draped or wrapped around the neck in the "infinity-style" fashion. It is best to stay away from winter scarves as these are too heavy, restricting and uncomfortable on stage. If you need help finding either of these items, please contact the choir manager directly at